Christmas or the big day is a festival celebrated to celebrate the birth of Jesus or Jesus. It falls on 25th December and is a holiday on this day almost all over the world. Christmas also marks the beginning of the 12-day festive Christmastide. The birth of Jesus, based on the Anno Domini period system, 7 to 2 BC. Took place between 25 December There are no known actual birth dates of the birth of Jesus Christ and this date seems to have been chosen on the basis of a connection with a Roman feast or Makar Sankranti (winter solstice). The modern Christmas holidays include giving gifts to each other, celebrations and various decorations at the church. Display of this decoration includes Christmas tree, colorful lights, mistletoe, birth tableau and holly etc. Santa Claus (also known as the father of Christmas, although the two have a different origin) is a popular mythological but fanciful figure associated with Christmas, often associated with bringing gifts for children at Christmas. The media is primarily responsible for Santa's modern appearance.

Christmas is celebrated by all Christians and nowadays many non-Christians also celebrate it as a secular, cultural festival. The exchange of gifts, salmon decorations and fun during the holiday has become a major economic activity during Christmas and is a major event for most retailers.

It is celebrated on 25 December in most countries around the world. Celebrations begin in Germany and some other countries on Christmas Eve i.e. 24 December. In Britain and other Commonwealth countries, the next day before Christmas, that is 26 December, is celebrated as Boxing Day. In some Catholic countries, it is also known as St. Stephens Day or Feast of St. Stephens. The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas on 6 January. The Eastern Traditional Church, which observes the Julian calendar, celebrates Christmas on 25 December according to the Julian Verses, which is the 7th of January in the much-acclaimed Gregorian calendar because both of these calendars There is a difference of 13 days.


Gaj is called by different names in different countries, in India and its neighboring countries it is called a big day. The best way to strengthen your hold on a country is to establish its culture, civilization and religion on its culture, civilization and religion. 210 years ago, the British strengthened their hold in India. This was the time when Christianity needed to spread. The British also wanted to do this. At that time, 25 December was the day when the days started getting bigger. Its importance could not be denied among the Hindus. Perhaps this is why it was called a big day so that Hindus would accept it easily. 

This Christmas

The Nativity of Jesus is believed by Christians to be the "Messiah" born as the son of Mary, the story of Christmas, the Gospel of Matthew (Gospel of Matthew) Is based on the Bibles accounts given in, and the Gospel of Luke, especially according to Jesus received with the help of her husband St. Joseph in Bethlehem Un of the popular tradition The essence was the birth in a stable, which was surrounded by Khtihr animals from every side. Although neither the stables nor the animals have any mention in the Bible, however, an "administrator" is mentioned in Luke 2: 7 where it is stated that "he was wrapped in cloths and placed him in a manger because there There was no place for him in the inn. "Old iconography has confirmed that the stable and the manger were located within a cave (which still exists under the Christians in the church Bethlehem) . The animals there were told about the birth of Jesus, so they saw the child for the first time. Christians believe that Jesus' birth is said that this Christmas was considered St. George's chaos and the chaos of the sun. Divinity and the Moon are the circle of eternal retreat circles to make the ether. Dragon became the family holiday of the child Man Woman and the child and the androgen-Arcata As has been true to his prediction of 700 years in advance of their mass.

There is a very long tradition for Christians to remember Jesus or to believe that Christmas is the second birth of Jesus. Nativity of Jesus in art. The birth of Jesus is anticipated, while many Western Christians celebrate the Western Church (Advent). In some Christian denominations, children play in the drama of recounting events. Darshan, or sing songs that narrate these events. Some Christians display the creation of the Natya scene in their homes, known as the Christians' scene. In it using figurines to portray the main characters. Use Suggestion Live is a scene from Christians, also made by tableaux vivants, and artists and live animals are used to portray this phenomenon with more realism.

The Christian Magician (the Three Wise Men), along with the Bible Magi (the Three Wise Men), also appear in the performance scene of Christians, although their names or numbers are nowhere in the Bible's story. After walking with the stars of Bethlehem, they came to Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Commonly the scene of Christians In the US, Christmas decorations also include public buildings once. This practice has led to many LaSuites, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, believing in amounts to support the government, a religion that is prohibited by the United States Constitution.

In 1979 Lynch v. Donnelly (Lynch v. Donnelly), the US Supreme Court owned a demonstration of Samus (which included a view of Christians) and exhibited by the city of Pauquet, Rhode Island. (Pawtucket, Rhode Island) said that they do not violate the First Amendment


Origins from Christianity = In many cultures a winter festival was the most popular festival celebrated in the traditional way. This resulted in less agricultural work and the Northern Hemisphere. Due to being the highest winter solstice in the world, the day will be long and the night will be short. I believe that the Christmas festival was started by the first of the women, it was reported that Pagan Romans changed their religion to Christianity Take and will also celebrate all the winter festivals on your own. Some khas goddess deities, who are believed by the people of that pant, were also celebrated on the 25th of December. Prominent among them are Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of Fertility, Love, and War, Sol Invictus and Mithras. The celebration of Christmas celebrations of the modern era is accompanied by the celebration of celebrations and the exchange of gifts. Apart from this, Romans Saturnalia Greenery, Laites and New Year's Holiness for Romans; And a variety of dishes are made on Yule wood which was included in the Teutonic feasts. Such traditions say that the following is inspired by winter festivals.

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